Friday, August 11, 2023

Atomi Alpha Electric Scooter Review: Sleek Design, Integrated LEDs, and Impressive Performance

This product was provided by Atomi for evaluation. Introducing the Atomi Alpha electric scooter, a stylish and efficient scooter powered by a lithium-ion battery and equipped with a 650w motor. The scooter comes almost fully assembled and includes instructions, a charger, two screws, and a hex wrench.

Folks, I have to tell you that this scooter is absolutely amazing! It looks great, it handles well, an absolute joy to ride, and there are several accessories available for it through Atomi, Everyday, there are about eight places I go on a routine basis that are within a mile of my home. In order to save gas I decided to ride the scooter to these places to conduct my business instead of driving my SUV. During the short period of two weeks I have managed to save approximately $60. That may not sound like much to you but when your living on a fixed income that's great news. If I continue to do this or expand my operating area (the scooter has a 25 mile range) I could really save a significant amount of money which would help with other areas of the budget. Besides, this scooter is a blast to ride and great for getting out in the fresh air.

For hardware specifications, the Atomi Alpha boasts a maximum motor power of 650w, allowing for a long-range of 40km (25 miles) and a maximum speed of 30km/h (18.6 MPH). It features 9-inch anti-puncture tubeless tires, with a maximum load capacity of 120kg (265lbs). The scooter also includes an LCD display, a secure and quick double-folding mechanism, a built-in combination lock, ambient light bars, and Bluetooth connectivity via a dedicated mobile app. 

Upon weighing the scooter (excluding the charger), it was found to be 35 pounds. The Atomi Alpha is a folding scooter with a hinge, and the assembly process involves attaching two hex screws. Although the alignment of the holes was almost perfect, it required some adjustments to initiate the threading. The charging port is cleverly concealed under the flip-down kickstand (and even has a dust cover); however, the scooter cannot be turned on while charging.  

The scooter comes with a Bluetooth app which provides many convenient controls and settings for the scooter as well as functions such as Navigation, vehicle positioning, Battery Info, Riding Record, and mileage tracking. However, the app is not necessary for modifying scooter settings such as drive mode, lights, odometer, and units. 

I love the design design and features, the display illuminates upon startup, indicating battery level on the lower left and relative speed on the lower right. The handlebar includes a brake lever, turn signals, a hook for your bag, on the left side, a folding lock lever at the base of the handlebar stem, while the right side houses the thumb throttle. The 9-inch tubeless tires are equipped with an inflation valve, and the scooter features a bright white LED headlight. All functions, including the light controls, can be operated through a single button located below the speedometer. In addition, there are amber turn signals and a red tail light activated by squeezing the brake lever. The scooter also offers various LED light effects that can be selected through the power button, allowing for customizations or the option to disable the lights entirely. For added security, a hidden retractable cable and a 3-digit combination lock are provided. When folded, the top bar of the scooter is slightly offset, adding a unique touch to its design. In terms of performance, the Atomi Alpha offers three-speed settings labeled as "E," "D," and "S." These modes can be switched by double-tapping the power button, offering top speeds of 6 mph, 12 mph, and 18 mph respectively. However, it should be noted that when standing, the top of the speedometer may be partially cut off, causing a slight washout effect on the display. In terms of acceleration, the different modes did not significantly affect off-the-line speed but did showcase noticeable differences in top-end speed. 

To summarize, the Atomi Alpha electric scooter offers a sleek design and impressive LED effects. While the mobile app pairing can be challenging, it is not essential for operating the scooter. Although there were some minor fit and finish issues, the overall package presents an attractive option for those seeking an electrified scooter. The Atomi Alpha electric scooter is priced at $640.99 on the site and they are currently offering the scooter in slate black or pine green. It can also be purchased through Amazon right now for $549 and has a coupon attached for an additional $100 off bringing the price down to $449.00!. Smart Living gives this scooter a very high rating for its performance and sleek design. I would highly recommend it to any adult looking to save a little money, the environment, and get out in the sunshine and have some fun! #ATOMIScooters #ElectricScooter #UrbanLife #TechCrunch

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