Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The LUX KONO Smart Thermostat Provides Effortless Energy Savings

By SUSIE’S REVIEWS. Most families play tug-of-war on whether to keep the AC on or off as the heat waves come and go through the summer. And as we head into the fall, the days stay warm but the nights start to get cool. It’s often a yo-yo effect with the thermostat.

LUX Kono Smart Themostat

Smart thermostats are a great way to manage your thermostat wars. . .all year long. With just a simple swipe of the mobile app, you can turn the thermostat up or down to ensure the ideal indoor temperature when you return home from the beach, work or being out during the day.

Priced below other comparable smart thermostats, KONO Smart is an easy to use thermostat that is voice compatible with the Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa. It also brings a new level of ease and personalization to the thermostat with its patent-pending D├ęcor-snap™  covers.  The thermostat comes standard with an on-trend black stainless cover and can be enhanced with 10 available interchangeable decorative face plates to match any room.

LUX Kono Smart Thermostat

The thermostat’s intuitive control is super easy to use with simple its knob or it can be managed with the LUX mobile app. Its LUX Home and Away Aware™ feature automatically adjusts the temperature to a personally selected preference when leaving or entering the home by simply setting a custom radius on the LUX mobile app – no more coming home to an uncomfortable house! With KONO Smart, homeowners can truly personalize their comfort, design and savings.

In addition, KONO Smart offers a Smart Tips feature as part of its LUX App that automatically sends seasonal tips to homeowners on ways to help save energy.  The Smart Tips feature offers general tips as well as proactive suggestions based on the user’s behavior on how to best save money and be more energy efficient.  These year-round recommendations help manage the wallet as well as energy usage.

KONO Smart is available for purchase at www.luxproducts.com or Amazon. Stay up to date with LUX by following on Facebook and Twitter

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